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10830 Wachusett Rd

Woodway Wa 98020-6140

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10830 Wachusett Rd
Woodway Wa 98020-6140 United States


Hess Andrea E 10830 Wachusett Road
Woodway Wa 98020 United States
  • WOODWAY PARK ASSR PLAT BLK 003 D-03 - ALL TH PTN TRS 1, 3 & 4 BLK C DAF BAAPON N LN OF SD TR 4 N89*15 28W 100FT FR NE COR OF SD TR 4 TH CONT ALG SD N LN N89*15 28W 24.88FT TH S00*44 32W PLT W LN SD TR 4 135FT TH N89*15 28W 7FT M/LTAP OF INT W LN OF EXST CONCRETE WALL EXT NLY TH S01*31 21W ALG W LN OF SD WALL EXT NLY & THE W FACE OF SD WALL 337.03FT TH N74*22 04E 141.88FT TH N00*14 29E 91.14FT TO COR COMMON TO SDTRS 1, 3 & 4 TH N55*02 48E 261.62FT TH N01*17 05E 40.76FT TAP OF CRV TH NLY ALGARC OF CRV TO L HAVG RAD OF 50FT & A C/AOF 75*14 37 A DIST OF 65.66FT TAP OFTANG TH N73*57 35W 269.42FT TH N27*45 58W 31.48FT TO TPB BLK C
  • Land and Improvements
  • Active, Locally Assessed
  • 00855
  • 111 Single Family Residence - Detached
  • 2.17 Acres

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10830 Wachusett Rd is located in Woodway Wa 98020-6140 and has a value of $1,768,800. The legal description for this property is Woodway Park Assr Plat Blk 003 D-03 - All Th Ptn Trs 1, 3 & 4 Blk C Daf Baapon N Ln Of Sd Tr 4 N89*15 28w 100ft Fr Ne Cor Of Sd Tr 4 Th Cont Alg Sd N Ln N89*15 28w 24.88ft Th S00*44 32w Plt W Ln Sd Tr 4 135ft Th N89*15 28w 7ft M/ltap Of Int W Ln Of Exst Concrete Wall Ext Nly Th S01*31 21w Alg W Ln Of Sd Wall Ext Nly & The W Face Of Sd Wall 337.03ft Th N74*22 04e 141.88ft Th N00*14 29e 91.14ft To Cor Common To Sdtrs 1, 3 & 4 Th N55*02 48e 261.62ft Th N01*17 05e 40.76ft Tap Of Crv Th Nly Algarc Of Crv To L Havg Rad Of 50ft & A C/aof 75*14 37 A Dist Of 65.66ft Tap Oftang Th N73*57 35w 269.42ft Th N27*45 58w 31.48ft To Tpb Blk C and is owned by Hess Michael J & Andrea E who resides at 10830 Wachusett Rd, Woodway, Wa 98020-6140 United States.
2009 Value2010 Value2011 Value2012 Value2013 Value2014 Value
$2,293,500 $1,936,300 $1,836,000 $1,792,100 $1,671,200 $1,768,800


Year Built1951TypeResidential
Structure1 StoryFireplaceMasonry fireplace
Square Ft.5181FoundationConc or CB
ExteriorConcrete BlockRoof TypeFlat or Shed
Roof PitchLowCoverBuilt Up
Bedrooms3Full Baths4
Half Baths0HeatForced Hot Air - Gas

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